Tea Myth: All Black Teas Taste the Same

Black tea can’t possibly vary in taste… can it? We have Tea Grower and Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C, Fernando, who has poured four of our Founder’s favourite Single Region Watte teas to answer this one!

Tea Myth: Tea Dust is Not Good Tea

It’s been said that tea dust is not good tea – but is that true? Here’s what you need to know about Tea Dust and Large Leaf Teas, as told by Tea Grower & Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C. Fernando.

Tea Myth: Adding Milk to Tea Reduces its Benefits

Fancy a dash of milk in your cuppa all the time? Tea Grower & Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C. Fernando explains how you can make the most of tea’s natural goodness. BONUS: Learn how you can add more natural goodness into your cuppa too!

Tea Myth: Tea Contains Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine conscious? Tea Grower and Dilmah CEO explains exactly how much caffeine is in your cuppa.

Tea Myth: Is Tea Hot & Boring?

Tea may be a 5000-year-old herb, but we believe it’s anything but hot & boring! Tea Grower & Dilmah CEO, Dilhan C. Fernando, explains how you can enjoy this herb beyond a hot cup of tea.

What is the perfect time to have tea?

There’s tea for the morning, noon, and night – here’s our basic guide to enjoying this magical herb in food, with food or as a dessert!

How can I make tea taste better without sugar?

There are many ways to enjoy a cuppa – there are also many ways to enhance its taste. Spice up your cup of tea, or make it sweet - naturally. Discover ways to make the most of plant-based goodness in this video.

What’s the proper way to brew tea?

How can you enjoy a perfect cup of tea every day? The answer is simple, learn how to brew it right! Here’s our brewing guide to making that perfect cuppa – every time.

How to pick a good tea?

You’ve asked us how, we’ve heard you. Take a notepad for this one, because here’s our list on how to choose a great tea!

How does tea get its taste?

How do we make sure you get a good cuppa? It’s no secret, but it’s definitely the ‘harder way’ that most have forgotten. Discover tea’s secrets in this video.